About us

Beijing Duty Free Shop for Diplomatic Missions was established in 1985. It is a specialized shopping center for diplomatic missions and their diplomatic personnel who are entitled to enjoy tax exemption treatment. The aim of the shop is to build a shopping paradise for the foreign diplomatic community in Beijing with excellent service through the efforts of our staff.

  The shop always stocks a wide range of commodities, such as wine and liquor, cigarettes and cigar, electric appliances, clocks and watches, cosmetics and perfume, foodstuffs, stationary and so on.

  These duty free commodities are on sale under the supervision of the Customs. When one wants to buy a little amount of duty free commodities, one just simply provides his/her valid ID card and signs the invoice in person. In case, a missions is going to buy some commodities in bulk or a single purchase exceeds the quantity allowed by the Customs, we can help you to fill out the Customs Declaration Form and we will send the purchased commodities to the designated place in time after getting the approval of the Customs. The members of administrative and technical staff of the missions will enjoy the same treatment of buying duty free commodities within six months of the time of installation.

  In addition, the shop also provides you with specialized service and excellent after-sale service. The domestic electric appliances guaranteed to be kept in good repair within one year from the date of the purchase. Free delivery service is offered to big items or items purchased in large quantity. Wrapping service for gifts is also available. Items and commodities can be ordered by fax or e-mail, so that preparations can be made beforehand. One can book an order if a required commodity is in short supply for the time being. Customers will enjoy a discount for bulk purchase.

  One can pay cash in US dollar, RMB or by check as well as the Credit Cards (JCB, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL and MASTERCARD).